Friday, October 21

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A311, 10:50


At 10:00 I had a Skype meeting with Mia and Päivi from Pixelache. We had proposed a festival plan for next year and, to our shock, people chose it. We now have to decide what to do next. We talked for forty five minutes and then stopped. We agreed that Päivi will turn her notes into a short outline proposal for the next members’ meeting, and that we will ask for a small sum to act as a development team. The team will solicit ideas and prepare a detailed plan for February, when we should have news about next year’s budget.

I moved out of the staffroom and sat in A311 for the Skype conversation in order to avoid disturbing other people with my raucous laughter and menacing silences. I look around when the chat has ended and notice the wires on the wall. I try taking some photographs of them and surprise myself. They will look like art if I get the lighting right, which eventually I do.

I then spend most of the rest of the day finalising a website. At 15:00 I will go downstairs to meet Margarita, a doctoral student from Tampere who asked me to act as a thesis adviser at a conference at Arcada last winter. We will sit in Oasis and talk until my head is spinning. I will remain uncertain which of us has become confused. At the end she will declare that the meeting has helped her a lot, so I will guess, perhaps wrongly, that the confusion lay with her.

In the evening I will go for a short walk and Irma will drive to Prisma to get a bottle of wine and some groceries. We will watch George Gently and then more programmes of decreasing quality.