Monday, October 24

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Outside Arcada, 16:30


Yesterday I said to Naa that I would have to cycle in the dark this morning. This morning I found out I had guessed right. It felt like the middle of the night when I started cycling about 7:45. I had my lights on and the whole experience felt completely different.

The drizzle didn’t help. I had my hood on. Every time I looked left or right my hood obscured my view.

I spent the morning getting the Convivial Mechanics website online.

At 13:00 we had a team meeting and after that I had a Skype meeting with Jutta before I tweeted and facebooked about the first Convivial Mechanics this Thursday at Pixelache. I decided that the site looked nice but the text could do with a good tweaking.

To my surprise, when I leave for home, I find that the wind has risen again. I have leaves in my face as they attempt to blow through me. The wind has formed an enormous pile of leaves outside Arcada’s main door, which shifts and reshapes itself as I watch it. I turn and walk to the tram-stop.

Naa will wait for me to arrive home because that will signal the start of some energetic raking. We will clear the garden of leaves temporarily, and then Irma will drive Naa home.