Thursday, October 27

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Vartiokyläntie, 22:22


This morning I woke up to the sound of a torrential rain storm. When I looked out of the window its seemed obvious that it had rained most of the night. It continued through breakfast and I decided that cycling in that would simply not happen. Irma had to go to Sörnäinen for a meeting and so I waited to get a lift to the metro with her.

I spent the entire day rewriting and editing my chapter for Nathalie’s e-book, while getting interruptions from a variety of sources. At 13:00 the rain had stopped and I paused to walk to the mall with Jutta. By 15:00 I had got where I needed to get to and I stopped.

The rain started again and I walked to Pixelache where Petri worked on a grant application with me. I had promised to do it and he went through it with me, making sure I had the right information for the financial and legal questions and leaving me to fill in the work plan and the reason for applying.

At 17:00 John and Oliver turned up for the very first Convivial Mechanics workshop. We spent a very active three hours going through Mattermost, which turned out every bit as good as I had hoped. John declared himself extremely impressed with how good a clone the developers had made. Even better the promised threading turned out to make a huge difference in how easily you could read long and complex discussions.

Once I got home, through a thin drizzle, I remembered that we needed milk and set off again for Alepa. Now, on the way back, I stop and watch the traffic lights on the wet road in the dark. I stand watching for five minutes as the light changes and, when I get back indoors, I will decide that the green lights made the best patterns.