Friday, October 28

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Arcada, 15:30


Today I woke up to the sound of rain for the second day running. Sunshine insisted on going out and came back, ten minutes, later completely soaked: so wet that I had to dry him before letting him loose on the furniture. That decided me: no cycling today for the second day running.

I walked to the bus stop with my hood up and then waited eighteen minutes for a bus. I understood that has cycling conferred a wonderful flexibility on my mornings which will stop when I start taking the bus again. It will start to matter whether I leave the house at 7:32 or 7:36. Aaagh.

I spent the day doing a whole range of different tasks, one after the other. I made notes from last night’s workshop and sent them to John and Oliver for approval. They form a proposal for the next Pixelache members’ meeting. I wrote a proposal for Temporary about the fireside chat with Bryan and submitted it. I wrote the work plan and rationale for the grant application for Pixelache. I emailed the CMS students about Tuesday’s session. I emailed the Culture & Democracy gang about starting the virtual cafe on Monday. I answered several emails from students and entered 57 students into the database.

Finally I had a lengthy and productive tutorial with Mark Woods about his MA thesis.

At some point in all of this I had been to the toilet and noticed a set of angles and faded colours. As I left I thought about them again, and went back.

Standing in the toilet for purely artistic purposes I try to find the best place to capture the angles, the mirror and the tones. Almost everyone has left and so I have no fear that I will cause anyone any discomfort while doing this. What I intend turns out harder than I expected and I end up with this, which may or may not count as a success. I leave for home.