Monday, October 31

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Bathroom, 20:30


The weather had cheered up over the weekend, and the clock had gone back, so I cycled to the metro without any lights.

I started the morning by sending out invitations to Alison, Brendan and Steve, the three people who actually replied to my mail last week. They all logged into the Convivial Mechanics virtual cafe over the next hour or two. I had set it up as a Mattermost team on the Pixelache server, and Steve noticed how very nearly identical it felt to Slack.

I spent the rest of the morning working on the book chapter for Nathalie. At 13:15 I stopped to attend a team meeting for the MA programme, and then I has a tutorial with a very keen MA student. After that I returned to the book chapter and carried on. And on and on. I finally stopped at about 19:15 with everything except the references finished.

I cycled home in the pitch dark using the lamps I had remembered to slip into my bag this morning.

This morning I finished my shaving cream and now I intend to photograph the tub before I throw it out. Without a doubt I can claim this as the best shaving cream I have ever used. For whatever reasons it genuinely feels different on my skin than anything from the supermarket, and it works more effectively. I got it in Kerala and I shall be getting more in about seven weeks time. I will definitely make sure I have enough to last the whole of 2017.

Later the beta of Informant 5 will finally arrive on my iPad and I will notice that one of my favourite features from Pocket Informant 4 has gone missing.