Tuesday, November 1

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Puotila, 07:55


I looked out of the window and saw a clear wintry sky, so I leapt on my bike and cycled to the metro. I don’t think that I have ever used the bike like this in November before. It has usually been put away in the shed by the end of October.

Standing outside the metro I survey the few remaining bikes in the bike shed. In summer the two spaces (on of which lies behind me now) heaved with cycles to the extent that some people had to leave their bike on the pavement. Now the other shed has two bikes and this has four. Mine stands second from the left.

I will get to Arcada and finish the references for the chapter, read through it to correct four typos and then send it off to Nathalie.

I will spend the afternoon with the CMS group, who will show me what they have done for the project I set them: making a WordPress theme for the new dibdibdob site. Only two students will have created anything like a finished theme, and only one of them will have anything like the aesthetics that I had had in mind. I will ask everyone to finish their project by Thursday.

Irma will work late and so I will get home, do some housework, and watch the third episode of Westworld while ironing. I will realise the intensity of the show when I discover how difficult I will find it trying to keep up while trying not to crease a pillowcase.

Later I will read back through my diary and realise that I might have memory problems, because apparently I rode my bike to work this time last year. I put it into the shed on Saturday 7th and it never came out again. The year before we had just arrived back from Delhi, after staying at the embassy, and I had done no cycling because I went by bus with Naa most days.

Honestly, I can’t remember if I have memory problems or not.