Thursday, November 3

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Rohdinkuja, 7:50


I wake up to a winter wonderland and step outside to set a woman walking a well-wrapped-up dog. The snow reflects the available light and everything feels less dark than it did a few days ago.

I will get to work to spend most of the morning wandering around högskolardagen. I will give two impromptu talks to bewildered high school students, and talk to a few later: the extroverts who dare to approach me. I will walk around eating chocolates from all the tables and talking to those of our students who have the role of host.

I will google and discover that the first series of Westworld has ten episodes. This means that the series will finish before we leave for Kerala, which means that I will see it all. I got an email yesterday reminding me that my Hostmonster account needs renewing on January 1st. I will talk with Nicke and Ludde and ask about where they have their stuff hosted online. They will both say that they use Radicenter, based in Tallinn. I will check it out. They will recommend it highly. I will set aside some time next week to make a detailed review and possibly move my sites there.