Sunday, November 6

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Sundo, 13:20


Naa stayed overnight and we got up to more snow. We watched the birds in the garden flying between the various seed containers that Irma has put out. We watch a squirrel climb into one of them and help itself to all the nuts.

Now we stand outside in the drive waiting for Irma. We notice that Minna and Tommi’s apple tree has not kept up with the rapid change of seasons. It stands in the snow with a crop of bright red apples, still edible but no doubt cold.

We will drive Naa to work and then go to visit Irma’s father. On the way back we will stop at Prisma, because I have decided that I need new winter boots. Yesterday, as I walked through the woods I found myself slipping and sliding like an old person in a situation comedy. I remembered doing this last year, and I decided to do something about it.

I will end up buying two pairs: a pair of Salomon that have very tyre-tread-like soles, and a pair by Cat Man Doo that actually have metal studs embedded in the soles.

When we get home I will go for a long walk to test the Salomon boots and they will be fine. Walking along the same paths in the woods I will neither slip nor slide, but instead stride manfully. The snow will have spent most of the day falling from the sky and I will come home to snowblade it away for an hour or so.

By the time we eat dinner we will have clear paths and a clear drive. It will, of course, snow tomorrow.