Saturday, April 28

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The garden, 16:20

Today is the start of a four day Vappu holiday, and so we got up late. I decided that it was time to start running, and got out the trainers I had bought in Delhi to force myself to do this. I jogged down to Alepa, across Itäväyla, back up, over the road again at Plantagen and back home. Our best guess is that this is about 1.25km, and I did it in ten minutes.

After a shower and breakfast we headed to Prisma to stock up on holiday food and drink. After that Naa left for the centre to go to the cinema with a bunch of friends, as part one of her holiday plans.

I painted some more garden furniture, and now it is drying in the sun and wind. Irma decided that we should redecorate the old, faded chairs and table with bright colours and it looks like it was a very good idea.

We will spend the rest of the day doing nothing in particular.