Wednesday, November 9

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Itäkeskus, 17:30


It snowed very hard all night and so this morning I got up at 7:00 and began clearing the front of the house. It took me one hour and forty minutes before I had cleared the paths. I had a hurried breakfast and left the house.

I spent the morning preparing one demonstration about building and customising menus in Wordpress, and another about using the loop twice on a single page. I spent the afternoon showing them to the CMS class, and then helping students build upon these for their own uses. I noticed heavy snow every time I looked out of the window.

At Itäkeskus, on my way, home I try to find a bus. I have waited ten minutes for the 97 but it has not appeared. I have been inside to look at the timetable board and the 97 no longer shows there. It came and went in an alternative universe. I look out the other side of the building to see if I can see the 93, the next bus allegedly available to take me home. I cannot see it yet, but I will in a moment.

When I get home I will discover an unfeasibly large mount of snow in the drive and I will spend just over two hours clearing it all away. Fortunately the snow will stop while I shovel, so when I finally go back inside I will not worry that I will need to go out again in an hour.

Irma will return home about 20:20 to find me vacuuming up the mess the cat has made. The persistence of the snow makes Sunshine angry and he gets rid of his anger by dragging carpets all over the house and then standing in the cat litter and kicking it everywhere he can.

I will sit and read with my shoulders and back aching in a way that convinces me I have had enough exercise for the day.