Sunday, November 13

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Kamppi metro, 15:50


Today Finland celebrates Father’s Day which has a bittersweet atmosphere in our house. Auo’s absence hangs over the house like a fog.

We got up late and I did some of the housework that I didn’t do yesterday. I cleaned my bathroom cabinet which enabled me to reaquaint myself with what it contains. I had some pleasant surprises.

Irma had invited Bryan to join us at her parents’ apartment for Father’s Day coffee, and in the afternoon Irma and I drove to Puotila and got the metro to Kamppi. She left for the apartment and now I stand waiting for Bryan who should meet us here. I can see some art advertising a large retrospective for the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. This installation contains some of her shiny globes. The labels stand in for her fetish for polka-dots.

Bryan will arrive in a few minutes and we will walk to the apartment. Everyone will have a wonderful time. Bryan will entertain Irma’s family while Irma’s mother will appreciate Bryan’s love of literature and librarianship.

Bryan, Irma, Naa and I will get the metro back. Bryan will get off at Sörnäinen and we will collect the car at Puotila. We will celebrate my Father’s Day and the ghost of Auo will hover over the celebrations. I will get shortbread biscuits and a card from Naa, and socks, perfume and ice walkers from Irma.

I will put the ice walkers on my uselessly smooth-soled winter boots and go for a test walk. I will stride over ice and snow as though it wasn’t there.