Friday, November 18

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MS Superstar, 15:30


This morning we had the option of attending an open day at the Estonian Broadcasting Company. Neither of us took it.

I read two theses and wrote something. Liisa went to see her friend Anne at the Finnish Institute, and arranged for some of our students to participate in a project in Tallinn next June.

At 12:30 we met in the hotel lobby and walked to the harbour. We stopped off at a relatively small Maxi-alko where I purchased a bottle of apple pie liqueur, a bottle of strawberry ice-cream liqueur, and a box of “chardonnay” for very little money.

On the boat we decide that we want lunch and look at the options. The buffet costs 27€ and the restaurant costs about the same. We opt for pizzas instead. A Pizza Speciale and a beer costs 8.50€. While eating I hear some noise in the distance and, pizza finished, I go to investigate. A band rocks out at the prow of the ship. They play Rock Around The Clock and other fifties hits, before lurching into T-Rex and two lesser known Creedence Clearwater Revival songs.

In the evening Irma and I will sample the “chardonnay” which tastes fine when mixed with a generous amount of lemonade.