Monday, November 21

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A310, 12:34


I decided against cycling to the metro this morning when I woke up and saw that it had rained all night. I checked the weather forecast and decided that I might try tomorrow.

I spent the morning catching up with various things that had blossomed while I bobbed around on the sea between here and Tallinn. I emailed Bryan to thank him for coming, and for offering such good company. I went downstairs to see what Amica had planned for today’s lunch, since the website had a mysterious hole where the menu usually sits. I ended up eating cod and boiled potatoes.

Back upstairs, walking off the unnecessary extra potatoes from the unnecessary lunch, I notice the room that we opened up a couple of years ago. We have a low-level but ongoing dispute about whether it has “worked” or not. Personally I think we have better things to argue about. The graffiti on the whiteboard clearly gives the lie to those people who claim that the open space has no users. On the other hand, the graffiti on the whiteboard clearly indicates that the users may not use the space for quiet and serious study.

At 13:15 we will have a team meeting and after that Jutta, Liisa and I will go upstairs for coffee and chat. We will begin to put together a set of ideas for the project next May that currently still goes by the title Stories Of…

I will head for home in the pitch dark, thankful that the rain has disappeared.