Wednesday, May 2

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Hameentie, 17:15

Today I started a short working week by getting to Arcada at 7:50 and answering mail. Thanks to the new ANdroid phone I had been able to answer a good deal of the most urgent mail over the weekend, so this morning was a relatively relaxed affair with no nasty surprises.

At 10:15 I led a session of the Web Analysis – Social Media course in which the students contemplated their own presence on the web, and began to work out what they were going to do about it. I had a lunchtime meeting with Johnny, and spent the afternoon with Emma, working on the latest phase of the Snowcastle Valley project.

Now I am outside Arcada walking around in the bright sunshine for ten minutes to clear my head. It is suddenly hot.

Next I am leading an online session of the Virtuality Grand Tour in which we will look in detail at Google+ as a method for organising the next series. Then I will go home in search of a cup of tea.