Sunday, November 27

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Aleksanterinkatu, 17:00


We spent the day putting up various lights and decorations, indoors and out. It began to snow while we did this.

I have arranged to meet Lynda Gerry outside Stockmann and, arriving early, I look at the Christmas window. I think about when we used to come here to see it and, to my surprise, I have more memories of taking Naa to see the window displays than Auo. I do have one clear memory of both of them outside Stockmann looking at a display that seemed considerably more involved and action-packed than this one.

Lynda and I will meet under the clock and she will suggest we sit and talk over a beer. I will then suggest Stones and regret it when I discover the price of the beer there. For the first time ever I will purchase a beer that costs more than ten euros for a glass. On the one hand my surprise might indicate that I don’t go out enough. On the other hand it might indicate why.

We will talk about her consciousness research for two hours and then I will leave. I will arrive home just before 20:00, as promised, so that Irma can leave to collect Naa from work. She worked late today and has an early morning start tomorrow.