Tuesday, November 29

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Itäväylä, 17:40


I spent most of the morning trying to concentrate on a book proposal for Routledge. I had received a mail from Mia Moran telling me that they wanted me to submit a proposal for their new Focus imprint, and so I set about bringing together all my ideas into a coherent form. The Focus series will consist of e-books of between 30,000 and 50,000 words, which suits me fine.

I spent most of the afternoon in a Nobanet Helsinki team meeting. I missed the last face-to-face meeting in Odense because it occurred at the same time as the Open Fields conference in Riga, and I felt as though I had lost the plot: I no longer knew what I had committed to do, or why.

By 16:20 I knew as much as everyone else and felt I knew what I needed to do next. Micke and I arranged a meeting in January for ourselves, and a meeting for the entire working party on Skype a few days later.

The temperature had dropped sharply when I left Arcada. Standing on the traffic island in the middle of Itäväylä, I wait for the traffic to drop so I can cross. I watch the lights in the clear darkness, with my hood up to keep my ears warm.

It will begin snowing in the evening.