Thursday, December 1

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A3, Arcada, 14:30


This morning began with a tutorial that started late and continued after it should have ended. I then wrote to a lecturer in Tallinn had Liisa had talked with during the conference dinner. He would like us to teach part or all of one of his courses.

At 10:30 I had a meeting with Magnus about his planned Arcada AR/VR Day, scheduled for February next year. He would like me to speak and I realised that Daniel’s thesis covered exactly the areas he wanted people to hear about.

After this I added ftp capabilities to my Linode server and, to my surprise, they not only worked but allowed me to log in with Filezilla and see a perfectly formed server in place. My pessimism yesterday afternoon proved unfounded.

Before I had time to install WordPress and set up the first website I had to lead another tutorial. In this one a student had sent out a questionnaire and received 306 responses and 64 offers of further help. He now has all the research he needs for his thesis and. He has also discovered how to produce complex graphs from the results, sing Google G Suite, so in one bound, his work will complete itself for him.

I ate downstairs and then accompanied Jutta to the mall. She bought salad and I took money for India from the Otto. Standing in line I noticed that Koti Pizza has finally opened. Our lunch options have just got better!

This morning a group of students wanted to film inside the staff room. Now they have turned to filming in the corridor and the other classrooms. I watch some of them and imagine the results of filming them filming. I choose an experimental setting to complement the student experiments. This all forms part of an assignment for the first year students and they all have the fear and worry of someone taking an unfamiliar task too seriously: a bit like me and Linode then.