Monday, December 12

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Arabianranta Mall, 12:10


I started the morning by taking some cheese to work. We have to empty the fridge before we leave in one week’s time.

At Arcada, I started with a meeting with Jutta and then spent the rest of the morning in a meeting with Andrey and Jutta. By the end we had agreed the course outline and timetable for Structuring Information course that Andrey will be taking this year.

Back in the staffroom Liisa had arrived and sat wondering out loud what could happen about lunch. This formed Jutta’s cue to remember that Kotipizza had just opened in the mall, and shout “pizza now!”.

Having left my stilton sadly unattended, I sit in the mall waiting for my kotizone to arrive. I have never had one but Jutta swears that I will love it. Andrey, Jutta and Liisa have ordered and now Liisa needs water. She cannot work out if she needs to pay for it or not. I can’t imagine why she thinks it she doesn’t. When the kotizone arrives it will look as absurd as it sounds, and it will indeed taste delicious.

Kotipizza seems like a viable alternative to China Flavor for an occasional lunchtime treat outside the building. Unfortunately it occupies a space that has seen a large number of shops and cafes come and go. The Cinnabon franchise ground to a halt here a few months ago. I suspect this has a larger chance of surviving than most of the others, if only because it offers takeaways.

I will spend the afternoon with those few students who turn up for last-minute help with their CMS assignments. I will also move from HostMonster to Linode, which will take me much less time than I expected.

I will stay at Arcada until 20:00 to give Irma time to start packing, and to enable me to get everything done that needs doing, before I leave on Friday.