Tuesday, December 13

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Arcada, 15:30


I walked into Arcada at 8:40 to find the Santa Lucia Fest in full progress. I seemed to have missed my opportunity to grab some glögg and ginger biscuits but I stood at the back and watched. Then I decided to squeeze through and up the stirs to the balcony.

From the balcony I can see very little because all the people who went upstairs to get a good look block my view and their own. I go downstairs again and find a vantage point where I can see over people’s heads. I watch the singing and wonder why Lucia never seems to get her hair covered in wax. I resolve to ask someone about this and then promptly forget. I wait until Lucia and her maidens walk in procession out of the square and then fight my way back upstairs.

I will spend the morning trying to get my websites moved over from HostMonster to my Linode. By the end of the morning both convivialmechanics.com and dibdibdob.com will live on the Linode, although dibdibdob.com will still have no content.

In the afternoon most of the CMS group will arrive to make final presentations of their Wordpress site, which they have remade in Wordpress from an original static site designed in Foundation. The quality of the work, as I expected, will prove very variable. I will wonder afterwards whether I should re-adjust the course next year to include more hands-on step-by-step teaching. This, however, might bore the able students without improving the work from the less-able students. I will need to think about this more.

At 16:35 I will stand outside the British Embassy waiting for Irma and at 16:40 she will arrive. We will enter the embassy and pick up a glass of mulled wine to fortify us for some carol singing and chat with the ambassador. We will talk with some people we have come to know through attending these functions and then, obeying Irma’s ninety minute rule, set off for home at approximately 18:00.