Thursday, December 15

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Sörnäinen metro, 08:35


I got up quietly, had breakfast and left while Irma slept. She had a long evening yesterday and she will have an even longer one tonight.

Coming up the escalator stairs at Sörnäinen I heard the familiar sounds of the Russian string quartet who play there some mornings. Sometimes all four play and sometimes one plays solo. Today they all stand there and I recognise the Bach that they play. I have seen them other places too and I sometimes wonder if they make a living doing this or whether it acts as a public practice session and a form of personal discipline. Certainly I have never seen them receiving money at anything appraoching a regular rate.

At 9:30 Tomas and I will meet the first year students to introduce them to the Innovation and Conceptualisation course. Tomas will take them through the structure of the course and I will explain about human-centered design. An hour will pass and everyone will leave the room.

Later in the morning I will have a lengthy Skype conversation with Luke about his post this week on Medium and his new project wecoco which will build upon the idea of remote working (to which he has become firmly committed) to create a new kind of mobile social activism. I will remind him about human-centered design and suggest that he might discuss this with Ideo, who might have something to say about it.

I will spend the afternoon with Nicke trying to puzzle out the increasingly unfathomable refusal of any browser to obey the instructions given in the hosts file, when they apply to

At 16:30 Liisa will arrive and demand we open a bottle of sparkling wine that has lain in the fridge for literally months. Everyone in the room will have a glass and at 18:00 we will leave for the Arcada Christmas Party, held this year at Kiila.