Saturday, December 17

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Home, 14:10


I woke up to the sound of Naa arriving with her laundry. I stayed awake to the sound of Irma and Naa talking about the wisdom or not of the second-hand iPhone that Naa had bought earlier in the week. In the end I got up and went for a walk.

After breakfast Naa and I did some ironing and various other household tasks, including cleaning the inside of the glass on some outdoor lanterns.

Sunshine has arrived home and now sits on Auo’s bed looking at the packing that has begun. His alertness makes me suspect he might remember what happens next.

If he thinks he does he will almost certainly get it wrong because in a few minutes we will stop everything to go and visit Irma’s father. Only after that will we put Sunshine in his box and take him to Kamppi. He will walk around for ten minutes and then spread himself out on a suitable chair. He has stayed here before and, as Irma says, he likes familiarity.

Naa will stay the night at Kamppi to make sure Sunshine settles. We will go home and I will go for a long walk while Irma packs. It will start snowing as I approach the house.