Sunday, January 8

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kitchen, Kunnumpara, 11:12


We woke up with mild hangovers. Interestingly I did not have a headache; I just felt tired, as though I needed another sleep.

Last night neither of us wanted Polly the cat sleeping with us since it has proved impossible to sleep if she stays in the room bouncing around every twenty minutes. We therefore closed the bedroom doors. We looked for her this morning and found her deep asleep on the ledge she previously fell onto. Naa saw her go down and come up yesterday so she has obviously claimed it as her own private kingdom.

Sohan phoned and said that, somewhat to his surprise, he has got an American visa and will leave in a few weeks to work on something. He cannot now take Elvis.

Irma and Naa took a rickshaw to Hawah beach to meet Uday who has made some bags for Irma. They will return with additional last-minute goodies, as well as three hand-made bags.

I decide to stay at home with the cat who climbed back up once she realised that we had got up and could provide her with food. I intend to lie down and have a nap but the cat has other ideas. I opt to photograph her instead and then dip into a book on probability that I bought last week.

Irma will phone Mary from Street Dog Watch when she returns to see if they will take Elvis. They will, but Irma will have to meet her at 11:00 tomorrow, which puts a spanner in a breakfast engagement we have.

We all go to bed early.