Monday, January 16

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Stairs, A Block, Arcada, 12:04


The first working day of the year started with a bang. While I had had my back turned Henrik Wolff had decided to retire as rector at the end of the academic year and the search for a new rector had begun.

I began by working through my emails, answering some, deleting some, and turning the rest into events or tasks. Tomas and I had a quick planning meeting about the courses we will teach this period, one of which began last week.

The temperature in the building drops, or I start to feel the cold. I walk back to the staffroom to get my cardigan. I notice a view through the holes in the stairwell I have not noticed before as a view. I photograph it to see if I can show the contrasts the way I see them. I can’t quite, but I catch an approximation.

At 13:00 I will join Tomas for the second week of the Innovation course. The students will continue telling their stories of what they want to change in the world.

At 15:00 I will join a meeting between the staff and the board of Arcada to discuss the qualities the new rector will need. Unusually I will decide to make a contribution.