Thursday, May 3

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Tram stop, Hameentie, 16:40

Today was a random collection of fragments, all of which successfully prevented me from doing what I had intended – writing – until I got to the point where I realised that it wasn’t going to happen and discovered the music of Aleon Craft instead. The most interesting stuff is often outside the mainstream.

I spent the morning redoing some administrative letters that had had a line missed out, and writing some letters trying to chase some money that I am owed. I also gave a impromptu demonstration of how to construct an epub formatted book for a trio of students who had got stuck trying to finish their project.

In the afternoon I had a long discussion with Johnny about the masters’ programme. We have received a feedback score of 4 (out of 5), and Johnny wanted to plan a strategy for improving our results next year.

Now I am waiting for a tram. I have been waiting for a long time and when I get to the metro station I will wait even longer because the transport inspectors and security guards will be manning a pop-up blockade to make sure no far dodgers gain access to the station.

When I finally get home we will go to Prisma to buy paint and a spade before settling down to watch American Idols, which we somehow become addicted to every year.