Friday, January 20

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Hameentie, 9:45


The morning began with me writing down some of the stuff I had woken up thinking. I had woken up with a clear plan for a Powerpoint slideshow for this evening’s class and as I wrote it down I found I still had about 80% of it in my head. After staring out of the window for five minutes I increased this to about 90%.

Slideshow done, I stare out of the window again and watch a tram go past in the suddenly bright light. I pick up my iPad and photograph it. It looks like a painting (and, no; I didn’t use any filters or post-production jiggery pokery). I watch it disappear in case something even more photogenic passes but it doesn’t.

At 10:00 I will have a two-hour meeting with Mikka about the eNobanet meeting in two weeks time. We will work out a plan for the entire two-year project and then map out a structure for the two day meeting. By midday we will both have a sense of knowing what we should do, which will strike us both as unusual.

In the afternoon I will have two thesis tutorials. In the evening Tomas and I will complete Block 1 of the Masters class in Media Innovations.

I will get home to find that Naa has arrived and already fallen asleep in her old bed, and that Irma is tired and waiting to fall asleep. I will say hello, brush my teeth, climb in bed, and fall asleep in seconds.