Saturday, January 21

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Home, 10:32


It snowed overnight and when I got up all the paths and trees had a new white coating. In a couple of hours this will all go, and so I follow the cat into the garden to take some photographs. He goes one way and I go the other.

I will extend this outdoor malarkey into a walk through the woods before breakfast.

In the afternoon Naa will take the copy of Twister that Jatta lent her home with her and Irma and I will collect a trailer and then collect the sofa on Naa’s balcony. She inherited this and she now has the offer of a much nicer one.

We will drive to Eira to collect the much nicer one from Maija and then drive to Naa’s apartment to deliver it. Naa’s games party will have started by this point so I will phone and ask for Roosa to come down to help me carry the sofa up.

By this point Irma will have lost the will to cook so we will drive to Prisma to load up on cheese and biscuits before going home to have a private cheese and wine party. This will end up involving watching Inspector Banks, followed by some irritating nonsense.