Sunday, January 22

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Kiviportentie, 11:36


We got up late this morning, after yesterday’s trailer adventures concluded with too much cheese and wine. I left for a forty five minute walk to bring me up to speed again. Walking up Kiviportentie I notice the little forest of signs that appear by the church. I stop and photograph them standing in the deserted road.

After breakfast we will drive to Lanterna where I will buy a door-handle. I will attach it to a door when we get home.

In the afternoon we will visit Irma’s parents at Kamppi, and then Naa. We will put the new sofa onto the balcony and then notice that two of Naa’s lightbulbs have blown. Irma will drive home to cook chicken and I will walk to Prisma to get more bulbs. I will walk back and fit them, before walking home along the route used by the 97V.

I will arrive home just as the chicken lands on the plates.