Friday, May 4

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Hameentie, 12:20

I have spent the morning preparing for next week’s classes and project sessions, as well as reading some background material for my thesis. I started Benjamin Libet’s MindTime, because I have realised that Libet’s experiment is the starting point I have been looking for for the narrative I am constructing. NObody disagrees with his findings, but nobody agrees on what they mean.

Now I am walking past the old Arabia pottery and TAIK to meet Stefan for the first time this year. We will spend almost two hours catching up. I will learn about his adventures in Brussels and Vienna, and the long term consequences that will arise from them. I will explain my roadmap for completing my research and writing. He will pronounce himself very happy with where is it all going.

Invigorated, I will spend the afternoon and evening reading and sketching mindmaps, before finally heading home to sleep and wait for the weekend to arrive tomorrow morning.