Monday, January 23

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Hameentie, 8:54


The weather should warm up this week and the ice and snow should disappear. I saw little sign of this as I walked and slide to the bus stop. As I walk from the bus stop to Arcada I turn round and look at the sky. I cannot tell whether cloud covers the sky or not. The uniform bluish grey could signal anything.

I will spend the morning writing notes and reading thesis papers. I will take time off from these to tend some of the duller administration tasks that pass over my desk. Looking out the window at 11:20 I will notice that the sky still seems a uniform blue-grey colour, and hardly any brighter.

I will arrange two more thesis tutorials.

In the afternoon I will sit through a media team meeting, during which I will explain about the possibility of Sohan Lal coming to Helsinki, and distribute small packs of instant drinks: Boost and Horlicks, since you ask.

Most people will look at them oddly and pull a face before passing them on. Only four people out of fifteen will actually take one. I had the same reaction last week, perhaps more understandably, when I offered five students a sachet of red pepper or masala porridge. None of them wanted one.

Fear of unusual foods: I think I will count this as a cultural difference.