Tuesday, January 24

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China Flavor, 12:11


I spent the morning with Tomas listening to the various groups in the Concept and Innovations course report back on their research, and the projects that they had developed from it. We gave feedback and suggestions and at 11:45 they all left for lunch.

Liisa and I had decided to have lunch together to see if we can make this course fit into her Events Management course in Period 4. We had decided on pizza but when we arrive at the mall a chinese buffet suddenly seems a more attractive option. I sit down with a big bowl of chicken and mushroom soup and Liisa sits down with a smaller one. We will eat our way through the buffet while working out some plans that will also involve Temporary, and the MA students doing the Media Innovations course.

I will arrange to have lunch with Ags from Temporary as soon as I get back. In the afternoon I will write out a first draft of an abstract for Sanal and make some preliminary steps towards moving this site from HostMonster to my Linode.

At 18:30 Sanal will come for a visit and spend ninety minutes tearing my draft to shreds in a friendly and useful way. Since the draft will also serve as a roadmap for the book I will start writing soon, I will feel very happy about the way he forces me to think through each step in the narrative and focus on the points where he finds gaps, inconsistencies or jumps in the argument.