Thursday, January 26

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Arcada, 9:30


Tomas Lindh and joined us in the main auditorium to judge the final presentations by the teams in the Concept and Innovations course. We sit in the front row watching as Tomas Träskman sets out the rules for the morning while the first team set up.

The presentations will start at 9:35 and finish shortly before 13:00. We will stagger out dazed. During the course of this I will commit myself to working with the Black Box group to develop their idea and present it as an exercise for the new students at the start of the next academic year- I might live to regret this.

At lunch I will have a tutorial with Irene who lived without any digital tools for a month and now has to write the experience up. I will describe autoethnography to her as a possible strategy for doing this.

I will spend the afternoon moving files from HostMonster to my Linode in preparation for moving the site.

At 16:30 I will leave for Pixelache where Oliver and I will hold the fourth Convivial Mechanics workshop. This time more people will attend.