Monday, January 30

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Arcada, 10:30


I began the day by walking to Puotila in what felt like the start of Spring. The pavements had cleared and I walked fast.

I got to work and checked this site again, to make sure that it worked properly. It did, up to a point. Plugins and themes would not update automatically, and backups to Dropbox did not work. I could not email backups either. I solved one major problem concerning the ownership of the Wordpress files on the server. This fixed the upload of themes and plugins. I identified the problem regarding Dropbox although I didn’t solve it.

At 10:30 I look out of the window to find that winter has returned. Not only can I see snow falling, I can see a continuous blanket of snow dropping from the sky in thick, steady clumps. Colour has more or less disappeared from the world except for trams and buses.

I will spend the rest of the morning on making sure everyone who should have a Lynda account does actually have one. Jutta starts a new course tomorrow with the first year, and she needs a Lynda-equipped group of students.

In the afternoon I will attend a meeting about next year’s examination procedures before rummaging around again in my Linode to try to fix the remaining issues. I will not succeed, but I will become convinced that I can. Before I leave I will therefore cancel my HostMonster subscription in order to fully embrace autonomy and self-maintenance.

At home, I will decide to clear the thick, slushy snow from the drive and paths which will take an hour or so. I will wonder whether this will prove a good idea or not.