Tuesday, January 31

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Kolmas linja, Hakaniemi, 12:55


Last night I checked my weather app, which promised another dry day. The morning started with a very slippery walk to the bus stop and a feeling that winter had returned. As I slid down the slope to the bus stop the wet air turned into thin slush.

I spent the first half of the morning writing endless emails to people who seemed hellbent on bothering me with pointless enquiries. “I have looked at the dates when we will meet for the course starting next period, and I am wondering if you could confirm that they are correct.” I have to open ASTA, find the course, and check the dates against those in my calendar. I can see no problem with them at all. “Yes they are fuckface. Why do you ask?”, I do not reply.

I spent the second half of the morning in a very fruitful preliminary discussion with a student who would like to rerun some of Robin Dunbar’s experiments for his thesis project. This both surprised and delighted me. I promised to dig out the copies of Dunbar’s research that I have somewhere and start from there.

At 12:30 I met Liisa outside Temporary and we chatted with Agy about the student projects that we have planned. We decide to continue the discussion over lunch and Agy suggests Lemongrass, which offers very nice Thai food served by very nice Thai people. At the end of the meal Liisa discovers that an old friend has sat next to her the whole time. I leave first in time to photograph Agy coming out. Liisa remains inside reaquainting herself with her film-maker friend.

In the afternoon we will both attend the monthly KP meeting, where we will report back on our plans.

In the evening Irma and I will pack for our separate trips.