Friday, February 3

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Stockholm Central Station, 13:20


I woke at 7:30, washed and packed. I felt too full from yesterday to bother with breakfast. At 9:00 we carried on from yesterday until we had done everything we had said we would do and more. By midday we had agreed to use Skype and Slack as our communication platform, I had created a Slack team, and everyone in the room had joined it and started playing.

Yesterday we had deep, warm quarters of cheese quiche with onion salad for lunch. Today we had Swedish meatballs, with lingonberries and mash.

At 13:00 Erik and I said goodbye and walked to Central Station. After several of the minor kerfuffles that seem to hover around Erik like flies we boarded the Arlanda Express. We have 5 minutes until departure. I stand at the door looking along the platform. It looks like a photograph to me.

We will say goodbye at the airport after Erik has checked in at a machine that causes him some enjoyable problems. He will head to Terminal 5 as I head to Terminal 2. I had promised Naa some Advokat as a present for looking after Sunshine but only people travelling outside the EU can purchase alcohol at the Duty-Free.

The plane will take off 50 minutes late for its 45 minute journey. I will get the P train to Malmi, the 554 to Itäkeskus, and the 95 to close to home. At Malmi Irma will phone me from the runway at Munich airport to tell me about a bottle of wine in the back kitchen that needs putting in the fridge.

Irma will arrive home at 23:00 and we will sit up until 3:00 drinking the wine slowly and exchanging stories.