Monday, February 13

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kitchen table, 18:58


I started the day by walking to Puotila because the weather had warmed up a little and the sun had come out.

I read a thesis that must qualify as one of the best I can remember reading. It did not especially interest me in terms of its subject matter but it had everything a thesis should have: a research question, a clear methodology, an explanation of the context, a discussion of all the technical terms used, actual research done properly, an analysis of the results, and a conclusion that tied everything together. By the end I realised that the topic had interested me because I had found myself engrossed. I decided to volunteer to make the very few spelling and grammar corrections necessary to make it near-native English because it seemed churlish not to give it a final polishing when I could.

In the afternoon I performed at Kulturmöte where I explained about the role of the all-new Quality Circle which I have the dubious pleasure of leading. I presented the results of the first meeting, took questions, and agreed some next steps.

On the way home I dropped into Prisma and among the things I bought you would find a Kellogg’s Variety Pak.

I bought a Variety Pak because I bought one rather than two in London. I probably should have saved money and bought two there. I bought them because the new design features the mascots from each cereal in close-up and, as the result of this, Snap, Crackle and Pop have gone solo! The pack I bought in London had Crackle and Pop in, whereas the pack I bought today has Snap. I made the right decision buying only one packet in London because it now becomes clear that different territories have significantly different packaging. The English ones have games on the back and details on the sides. Snap, on the other hand, spills over onto both sides of the pack and the top.