Tuesday, February 14

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Arcada, 14:41


I slept all night, without waking up once.

When I did wake up I sneaked out and left Irma’s Valentine Day presents on the kitchen table. When I emerged ten minutes later she had put mine there too. We both gave each other glassware from iittila. I got two jars from the Kastehelmi set, something Irma had pointed out a week or so ago. Irma had got me four of the classic glasses that Finnair now use in business class; which I had remarked upon when we went to India.

I left for work and noticed that the sun had come out. Winter may soon leaves us again, I thought. If we get no more snow then this will have melted in ten days and Spring will arrive.

I spent the morning working with Wordpress, bringing this site up to date in its role as living example of a website in the wild. I still have a couple of interesting (by which I mean “intractable”) issues that I need to deal with. I spent the morning poking around before deciding that I needed to do more research.

In the afternoon I had a lengthy meeting with Liisa that finalised the agenda for our trip to Tallinn in April, and a brief for the meeting on Thursday at Temporary between the Media Management students and the first year KP students.

Back at my desk I look out of the window at the continuing blue sky. I notice a brightly coloured tram but fail to turn my iPad into a camera in time to catch it. Instead I catch another, less fancily customised one instead. I can see the snow melting in front of my eyes.

I will complete all my receipts for the Stockholm trip, because they all now appear in my netbank converted to euros. I will submit the travel claim through Travel, which Nathalie made David train us in at yesterday’s Kulturmöte.

I will leave for home at 16:30.