Friday, February 17

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Riskutie, 14:58


I began the day by answering all the emails that I had turned into tasks for this week. Then I held three tutorials. I may have been a little harsh during the final one but sometimes, when you reach the end of the rope, the only thing you can do involves tugging very hard and reeling the line back in.

Ten minutes ago I left Arcada to walk to Pixelache. I would lie if I said that I felt any surprise to discover the roadwaorks around Suvilahti had spread again. As I walk past the gas station I turn and look at the torn-up road. The diversions have grown and grown and now I suspect I would get there faster by taking a tram to Sörnäinen and walking down.

I will get there in time for the start of the meeting, codenamed FESTIVAL OR DIE!, where we will plan the parameters for this year’s festival. Only seven people will turn up but we will decide that this makes no difference at all. We will spend a couple of hours planning and by the end we will have a date, a possible venue, an agreed outline programme, and a way of organising it that makes sense. I will make a proposal for two Convivial Mechanics workshops which will meet with approval.

I will head back to Arcada where a final meeting of the MA course will present positive feedback.