Tuesday, February 28

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Visbynkuja, 15:20


This morning I looked out of the window and saw that the temperature had risen enough to melt much of the snow on the paths and roads and turn some of the water into ice. I walked carefully to the bus.

I continued course preparations and found myself interrupted at 10:00 by a student arriving 25 hours early for a tutorial with Nathalie and me. Nathalie turned up at about 10:30 and we agreed to meet her. Together we managed to turn her research project into something that she can conceivably do with the time and resources available. Nathalie agreed to supervise her under this new arrangement and I left the two of them to devise a realistic timetable.

In the afternoon Jutta pointed out that she could see rain, and indeed she could: the first actual rain of Spring.

Yesterday Irma had pointed out a four-page advertisement in the paper advertising CityMarket’s 1€ sales, and I agreed to meet Naa there to see what we could find. I left Arcada at 15:00, eager to purchase more fruit.

I decide to stand outside to wait for Naa because the inside of Itis feels uncomfortably hot in my winter jacket. I look around and find myself waiting near a little group huddled round a rubbish bin, smoking, drinking, grumbling, and using walking frames at an age when they should leap five bar gates with alacrity. I look at the notices on the pillar and at another group huddled in a doorway opposite. Within a couple of minutes they have all dispersed but after another few minutes another group arrives.

I take some more photographs, not of the people but of the pillar. The stickers offer very different political opinions.

Eventually I look round and see that Naa has opted to wait inside. I join her and we explore the bargains. I do not find any avocados, my prime goal; but I do find apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, and more.

Naa will leave with two full shopping bags, and we will walk back to her apartment where she will fill her fridge. We will then get the bus back to Vartiokylä where she will spend the night.