Tuesday, May 15

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Länsisatamakatu, 19:38

This morning Moonshine was still missing and Auo was upset, and angry that nobody else appeared to be upset. We were, but I think we were also resigned to the fact that it has probably died a warrior’s death in the woods, trying (and failing) to fight off another fox. If this was the case, then hopefully it was the quick death it deserved.

I spent the morning leading the XML Foundations class who are now two weeks into the final four week project in which they produce publishable ebooks. I am very happy with the way that the groups are working and I think this year might be a good one for the next three years. Yippee!

I spent the afternoon doing less with Emma on OpenSim than I wanted and more on administration. I also managed to get the high definition multimedia viewing suite to work with my laptop, as opposed to the Blu-ray machine it is apparently “supposed to work” with. This is now on my list of things to complain about!

At 17:00 I was at Kaapeli, where Pixelache live, for a debriefing session about the weekend. Since the debriefing exercise involved salad, cheese, wine and fruit juice I was happy and relaxed. While I was there I promised to put Vinay in touch with Roni, which is a meeting I would like to sit in on.

Now I am walking back to the metro. I can see a Tram No 8 approaching and so I am going to take that all the way from here to Arcada. The whole area around here has been redeveloped and refurbished, in interesting ways.

When I am back at Arcada I will find my birthday CD waiting for me, and I will answer a pile of email.