Wednesday, May 16

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Arcada, 16:16

This morning I finally wrote the abstract I intended to write last week for the Designs on E-learning conference in London in September.

Then I set up room A309 for Pekka Palmu, who arrived at 10:00 to talk to the first year students about social media games, and life at Applifier. He did this at length, finishing at about 13:00 when the room starting making its lunchtime hunger audible. Several people stayed behind to ask questions, and several others tweeted me about how good they thought it was.

In the afternoon I posted the abstract and printed out twenty photos of Moonshine to post around the area. We will do this tomorrow because Irma found out that the stray cat we called Starlight, who was fed by our neighbour and lived all winter in our garage, has been found. It disappeared about four weeks ago and everyone thought it had been eaten by foxes. It was handed in to animal rescue about three days ago.

We now suspect there is an over-eager animal rescuer with too much time on their hands somewhere in the area. Good luck to them, if they try to “tame” Moonshine. If they have got it then they will almost certainly be glad to hand it back – as soon as possible.

For the last thirty minutes there has been a woman asleep on the grass outside my window. Various passersby have tried to rouse her. Some have succeeded in that she has got up, staggered around, sat down, and rolled over to sleep again.

Now a police van has arrived and she is making an effort to stand up as though nothing at all was wrong. She is gesturing using the international sign language for “Drunk? Me? Surely not! I was just sitting here to rest for a few minutes, officer”.

In a few moments they will lead her into the back of the van and drive off, and I will write this and leave for home and a long holiday-fuelled weekend.