Sunday, March 5

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:00


I get up feeling slightly flu-ish and look out of the window at the bright blue sky. I decide to go for a short walk and so I do. The sky continues to remain blue and the snow melts rapidly as I walk for thirty minutes. I walk briskly.

When I get home Irma will have remembered that today I celebrate my imaginary name day, and I will find some shaving gel and more on the table for me. I will smile: I had forgotten my imaginary anniversary myself this year.

As the day goes on Irma’s flu will begin to get slightly better as mine begins to get worse. We will go to Naa’s for tea in the afternoon and I will lie down on her sofa for an hour.

On the way back we will stop at Prisma to return bottles and empty rubbish, and I will take the opportunity to buy the 101st edition of Monocle, with the wild new redesign that only the most discerning will notice.

I will go to bed early.