Friday, March 10

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Arcada, 12:00


Spring still appears to dominant Winter this morning. I think I saw Winter fleeing into the woods as I left for the bus.

I spent the morning preparing the next three courses until I reached that magical moment when I could no longer tell them apart. Since the topics do overlap to some extent and so, to some extent, work on one counts as work on another, I became confused about what exactly I felt confused about. Time to stop.

Accepting that I need to pause I declare it lunch time and walk to the fridge to switch the kettle on to prepare some Organic India soup. I almost slip over an exhibition of plugs and sockets currently on display on the floor where I expect to put my feet. I move them and photograph the scene of the accident.

Today we should celebrate Auo’s name day so I sit sipping my soup and looking out the window wondering about what she would have grown into, and the different paths our lives might have taken if she had not gone away. I remeber a strange experience I had yesterday at Itäkeskus metro station. Because several buses had stopped at once a teenage girl found herself walking alongside me very close for about fifteen metres. I became aware of her and looked round. She looked nothing like Auo at all but I had felt the sensation of someone walking very close to me that I got every morning when Auo and I caught the bus. If felt very strange, and stayed with me all the way to Arcada; primarily, I suspect, because the memory had no visual component, just a strange edge-of-perception awareness.

I will spend the afternoon doing more preparation. I will also answer a stack of emails and student queries. In some last minute good news, Lena and Emilia will email to say they want to do Irma’s Buddy Cafe project.

In the evening we will go to Prisma.