Friday, March 17

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Comfort Lounge, Istanbul, 20:38


Yesterday evening, while I taught Digital Mediascapes, Irma took Sunshine to Naa’s apartment, and packed three suitcases for us. This morning we got up, had breakfast, packed the bags in the car, and left for the airport.

By 11:30 we had checked in and found the Diners Club lounge. I had vegetable goulash, and a sparkling wine. Irma had salads and wine.

The Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul seemed to operate in a state of controlled panic. I found this amusing; the people on the receiving end, probably less so. The stewardesses acted as though everything flustered them. They forgot the special meals so some people went hungry. They forgot to give the row behind us any food at all, and then realised they didn’t have enough meals left.

They offered the unlucky ones the chance to leave their details for compensation but realised they had no pens and no paper. In the end, people used their own pens, and paper napkins, to lodge their complaints about the lack of supplies.

Now we sit in the Diners Club lounge in Istanbul. It has taken us about thirty minutes to find it since signage does not seem to feature prominently in Turkish culture. I have had a white wine and helped myself to a variety of Turkish foodstuffs. We will sit here for about three hours. I will eat more than necessary.

The next flight, hosted by more an altogether more relaxed Turkish Airlines crew, will fly us from Istanbul to Mumbai. We will get there about 5:00 local time. To our great surprise we will make the journey from the international to domestic airport with no problems at all (and no, giving them the same name does not turn them into the same airport).

When we get through security we will notice that the domestic airport contains almost nobody.