Sunday, March 19

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Synagogue Lane, Kochi, 15:52


Thanks to the hotel wifi I woke this morning at about 8:00 to discover that Chuck Berry had died in the night. Two years ago, when Jerry Lee Lewis released a new album, he claimed the title “last man standing”. Now the title becomes more than a boast, and more or less literal.

After breakfast we walked over the road to the Biennale heaquarters to pick up a guidebook. We took a rickshaw to Jewtown and saw our first exhibition, organised by the Bombay Art Society and entitled Axis of Secret Histories / All This Comes Back. We then walked to the synagogue which proved much smaller than I had expected.

Walking back down Synagogue Lane we stop at Indian Art & Curios, a place we stopped at on our previous visit. This time I manage to get a picture of this impressive and completely anachronistic statue. See the monk comfort Jesus!

We will walk in and out of many such shops until we finally end up buying two student paintings from a shop displaying them as part of the bienalle.

Anib, Asha and Paru will meet us at our hotel about 18:00 and we will drive to the sea-front to eat the best masala dosa I have had in years. We will say goodbye to them by the Chinese fishing nets and, not too much later, get a rickshaw back to Tissa’s Inn.