Sunday, May 20

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Garden, Vartiokylä, 19:40

Today we woke up to the kind of day that we were promised on Friday. We did more work in the ditch and in the garden, and then helped to move the sheep from one field to the front of our house.

While we were doing this Naa phoned to say that she was almost certain that she had seen Moonshine, while shre was cycling this morning. It looked like Moonshine and it stood still when she spoke to it, then ran off when she approached.

At 15:30 the three of us set off for Helsinki, and on the way a woman phoned in answer to the notices that we posted. She said that she had been feeding a cat that looked identical to the photo for eight days, and it had come into their house two days ago. They had tried to tame it but given up and, just as they were getting ready to take it to the Animal Rescue, it espcaped through a window.

That sounds like Moonshine.

Now we are at home. I have been for a short walk in the general direction that the woman indicated. I am looking at the flowers while Auo gets ready. We are about to embark on a two hour walk that will provide exercise but no sightings of cats, familiar or otherwise.