Wednesday, May 23

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Itaväylä, 18:20

Except for a few small diversions, I have spent the whole day as part of the team supervising the first day of the entrance examinations. Applicants have arrived, been photographed, written an essay, completed a multiple choice questionnaire, taken part in group discussions, and gone home. We have monitored and graded all this activity, and then juggled the scores into lists, from which emerged the candidates for tomorrow’s interviews.

The main diversion was to meet Camie and set up the room for her guest lecture. I did not even have the time to talk with her afterwards or to say goodbye. I felt rude but since I was stuck in a hall invigilating a questionnaire session that was running late, there was nothing that I could do about it.

The second diversion was the Public Lunch, where all the staff sat around eating, with signs next to them, hoping that some of the applicants would come up and ask interesting questions. They didn’t.

Now I am finally on my way home. I have got off the bus and I am crossing the road. I seem to have missed rush hour.