Friday, March 31

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The sky over Turkey, 11:58


We went to bed at 22:00 and got our alarm call at 2:45. Neither of us had managed to sleep for the full four hours forty five minutes. I had done better than Irma.

We climbed into the car at 3:15 for the alleged thirty minute drive and got to the airport in about six minutes. We spent a grumpy time in the Diners Club lounge (entrance fee 2 rupees) deciding whether or not we could manage breakfast. Irma could, just. I couldn’t.

The plane left at 6:20 and took almost seven hours to fly to Istanbul. I had seat 22A and Irma had 22C. The large Indian man between us spent the journey snoring, rolling around, and occupying as much of our spaces as he could.

I have managed to get some sleep on the flight by avoiding breakfast and the man next to me. I look out of the window at the south of Turkey, assuming that I understood the message from the cockpit correctly. I can hear more food on the way. This time I intend to eat.

The steward will serve the man next to me a sandwich then tell me they have run out. He will offer me a cake which I will unwrap. He will then receive another handful of sandwiches and Irma, sitting right next to him, will insist that he gives me one of them. I will doible my food supply in an instant and ask for a white wine to celebrate.

We will have more to eat in the lounge at Attattak airport, and on the second flight I will watch four episodes of The Flash, while Irma finally sleeps a little.

We will arrive in Helsinki to find snow on the ground. The roads will seem completely deserted compared to Indian roads. On the way from the airport we will call in on Naa who will be very glad to see us take Sunshine off her hands. It has refused to settle down and has caused chaos in her apartment for the entire two weeks.

Irma had her name day today and so when we get home I will give her a card and a Stockmann gift voucher, and some Ritual room scent with sticks, that I bought in Attattak airport.