Saturday, April 1

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Prisma, 14:45


We slept so deeply that we might as well have fallen unconscious. I woke with an excitingly upset stomach.

We unpacked and did some washing: clothes and bodies. I went for some milk and found myself walking back from Alepa in an unpleasant slush that got heavier as I walked. Remnants of this week’s snow still lays on the ground.

The snow will begin to melt and Sunshine will race in and out from the sheer joy of not finding itself trapped indoors anymore.

The slush has turned into rain and the temperature has risen to 3 degrees. We have come to Prisma for supplies. We both still feel somewhat dazed. I pose our trolley and photograph it while a man shopping in the Alko watches me suspiciously. Eventually we decide that we have all that we need.

Naa will arrive at 17:00 with a delicious date cake. Irma will cook prawns. We will all watch a Young Inspector Morse that we have already seen and a new episode of The Coroner. They will make Naa want to visit rural England again.