Friday, May 25

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A306, Arcada, 14:20

This morning I got to work early for a meeting to wrap up the application process. It was a morning of Powerpoint and Excel sheets projected on walls, and pens and papers and hand-written calculations. Eventually everyone was satisfied that the outcome was fair, and the final lists were collected together.

We had lunch in Chico’s for tow reasons. Firstly we wanted to celebrate the end of an arduous process. Secondly we wanted to have another meeting in another venue. This was a forward-looking meeting in which we planned a possible future Media and Events cluster.

I raced back to have a final meeting with Emma Kinsella, an exchange student who is returning home to Dublin on Tuesday. We checked that she had all the credits she needed, and she gave me the version of Snowcastle Valley tha she has been working on.

Then I planned a course for next Spring with Thomas. We got at least as far as booking rooms for specific dates and times, The rest we can do later.

Now I am looking out of the window at a passing cyclist, and realising that I should be out there in the summer sun too. The weekend starts here.