Wednesday, April 5

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Arcada, 12:00


I walked to Puotila again, but this time a 95 bus arrived just before I crossed the road to the metro station. I got on it in order to start from Itäkeskus, where metros arrive every four minutes, instead of Puotila, where they arrive every eight.

I spent the morning trying to prepare the final sessions of the Digital Mediascapes course, while rescheduling the Web Analysis course that starts on Friday, and preparing material for the Interactive Storytelling course that starts next Tuesday. Jutta rescued me by telling me that I should come to China Flavor with her and Monica for sushi. I went.

The soup at China Flavor changes every day and, by good fortune, they serve sweet chicken and tomato soup on Wednesdays, which I like a lot. I sometimes have two bowls but today I will only have this one, followed by some sushi, and one small plate of main courses. The three of us sit and compare notes about the progress of various students, until someone decides that we need to finish lunch with ice-cream or chocolate. We will go downstairs to S-Market where I will opt for a 70% single origin chocolate Magnum.

I will do the same in the afternoon as I did in the morning, with even less enthusiasm.

When I get home I will find nobody at home. I will, however, find the garden covered in large ladders and towers that the roofers have dropped off to signal their intent. I will then remember that Stockman Crazy Days started today and understand where Irma and Naa have got to.

When Irma arrives home I will go for a walk that will include a brief look at Crazy Days where I will find nothing to excite me, and a trip to Prisma to buy milk. While doing this I will listen to the new Father John Misty album for the first time and decide that it could well be in the album of the year lists in eight months time.